Fishpond Tacky Double Sided Daypack Fly Box

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Fishpond Tacky Double Sided Daypack Fly Box


If you are ever in need of something compact like those old metal wheatley boxes but brought into the modern age then these are the boxes from you. 

Gone are the old style tacky boxes as the company has been sold to Fishpond USA a major player in the fly fishing industry , known for its robustness and quality.

The old style daypack was thinner plastic and of course had the clear lid which was of course a serious scratch and fingerprint magnet and was only single sided, the new boxes are of a thicker plastic double sided with a pleasing spearmint green silicone instead of the pale blue from the first generation. 


Tacky Double Sided Day Pack Fly Box Fly Tying Den



Heres some specs on these little pocketable beauties 


  • Holds up to 360 Flies 
  • Patented Silicone Anchoring 
  • Withstands Extreme Temperatures
  • Strong Latchless Magnetic Closure 
  • Durable Long Lasting Strength 
  • 20% Recycled Polycarbonate Box 



The catches are as silent as they are magnetic so it wont spook a trout when you are stalking and need to change fly , strong enough to keep closed and latchless  but easy enough to open with gloves on to seek out that deadly nymph pattern for Grayling on a freezing winters day.


Double Sided Silicone Pocket Fly Box



In addition to being made from 20 percent recylced polycarbonate the packaging  is printed on 100 percent recycled paper.



Priced at £24.99 and these boxes can be shipped with world wide same day shipping.

Click here to buy one now. 



i would now say that whilst Tacky was a global success story in reinventing the fly box these new generation boxes under the Fishpond Flag are a great improvement over those originals whether you are the minimalist fisher just wanting to take one box full of your favourites , a travelling fly fisher who always wants to keep a box in car, or if you just want to squeeze another box in with those ones you might just need, these boxes are twice as nice.