Gulff UV Tying Glue Coloured & Clear Fly Tying Resins

Gulff UV Tying Glue Coloured & Clear Fly Tying Resins

Gulff Resins  have certainly been getting alot of press right now, with such a variety of UV Resins on the market now, and each one seems to being trying to race to the top as being the "ultimate" tying resin, what makes this one so different ?.


Variety is the spice of the fly tying desk

All of these resins are clear much like the other brands, but they have four different options :-


  • Fatman ( Very thick for heads)
  • Thinman ( Small flies such as Peridigones) 
  • Flexman ( Make flies more durable) 
  • Classic ( Coating Materials)


Find the range here :- Gulff Tying Resins


I need so much help, i need an ABULANCE 

With the new coloured resins , you can build up and improve a salmon shrimp pattern, complete a nymph pattern by just building up that exact shade in super quick time with no waste, or enhance that fly that doesnt match the hatch. 


With the wide availability of colours and taking a suitable curing light with you in a pocket or pouch you can do it by the waterside. 


All of these tying glues except for the flex dries rock hard with zero tack, so no messy issues in the fly box, yet no risk of the resin drying before your finished tying. 


Like Honey ??

Yes this is very honey like in its consitency which is the most ideal consistency i have found being pliable , especially as this series of resins is designed for adding that hot spot to a fly , give a fly some serious pop , or to give  a flash of colour on a fry pattern. 


Is It Tough ?? one word answer = VERY 

Whilst the  Ambulance series is not clear which makes it ideal for hotspots, eyes, or adding colors underneath a clear coat. The Realistic Color Series is slightly transparent which gives flies a killer look (This is my personal favourite) . The green and brown look especially good over flash. I havent yet been able  to try the Color Resin Series but I have no doubts these will be absoloutely superb. and of course it will also be incredibly durable. I cured some of the Fatman then apllied some  Ambulance on a bare hook and whacked it with a 16oz Estwing hammer, batter off an old tree stump from clearing a dead tree over winter, there was no cracking or fracturing of the resin whatsoever. After a few good blows it didn’t even show so much as a scratch, You can’t ask for any better than that.  


Any drawbacks ??


The only slight drawback is unlike some of the other products there is a slight oudor on this one , not enough to be a massive issue or be offputting but it is a form of glue in the end.  



We will be adding very soon, the Gulff light which outputs 3 Watts for curing which is some serious curing power.