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Many terrestrials are often found close to the water. Among these you will find craneflies, ants, bumblebees, wasps and bees. All of these will occasionally end up on the surface of the water and become the target for many fish species, such as grayling, char, rainbow trout and brown trout. Most terrestrials that ends up on the water do so by misstake. A strong wind, a heavy rain or cold temperatures will limit there abillities to move or fly.

Size: 12 mm / approx 1/2 in Hook: J:son SS.DF #14

There are several terrestrials that can make the fish get tunnel vision and go selective. Ants are one of these and they usually end up in large numbers on the surface during autumn.

Please note the number at the end of the fly name is related to the size of fly and not the amount you will receive.
So for example Mayfly Nymph 3 is only one fly and not x3.