The Best Multi species Vise !

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The Best Multi species Vise !

Stonfo Transformer Fly Tying Vise


In terms of a superb value for money vise for getting serious about your fly tying its hard pushed to find a vise to beat this and it really makes it stand out from the rest.  given the most unique feature of the Transformer Vise are the interchangeable heads. Included in the purchase of this product you receive 3  heads which is great for the Multi species tyer. The first head is a true in-line rotary head, a streamer fly head, and versatile tube fly head. All of these vise heads are easily swapped in and out using a coupling, much like changing the tools on a compressor hose. They are precision machined and glide in with ease.  Your getting 3 different vises for one price.


Stonfo Transformer Vise multi species fly tying tools



The Large head is a straight forward beefy set of jaws. Its a Salmon or Saltwater tyers  dream. Again, these jaws operate using a cam-over system which tucks up to lay flush with the arm. Ingenious! This gives the tyer a fully accessible tying platform free of mechanisms catching materials. Its streamline construction fits so comfortably in your hand. This particular set of jaws will also accept the spring material clip. Tying up saltwater flies up to size 4/0 the hooks hold in nice and tight.


This far and away is the vise and jaw configuration I use on a daily basis as I tye and use Saltwater flies more than others.





Stonfo Transformer Tube Fly Head for Salmon Tube Flies


For myself, this transforming tube fly head is the best on the market. Included with this head are 3 different tips. 2 different sized straight pin tips and 1 tapered pin tip with 3 different sized tapered pins. This allows you to tie with any type of tube system available. No longer do you need to purchase a specific manufactures tube fly attachment system. The straight pin tips screw out towards the tube locking it in place eliminating the tube spinning. I know too well the frustration of trying to lock down materials and that tube giving out on the pin, lets face it no one wants a side of pain with their vise. For those of you who prefer the simple tapered pin for the common plastic tubes available, a quick tip change and your off to the races. The 3 sized pin given with the system will fit all your tubes. There is a more an additional set of pin available which we can supply for you as an optional extra, these can give you a true custom fit on your tubes. The tube fly head is also able to receive the spring material clip as well as the thread holder.




Stonfo Rotary fly tying vise with multiple heads


The rotary mechanics are sealed in a sleek designed mount. It operates smoothly without any friction. The tension is easily controlled with the tension knob. The rotating arm is the perfect size and comes complete with arm extension which most vises sell separately. This Transformer Vise is a truly quality well built piece of kit




This pedestal is larger than most out there giving you lots of stability. It also has some tyer’s comforts built in. There are 2 wells for holding materials such as hooks and beads, however I use a Tywheel Which takes things to the next level (more on this at the end of this review) anyway back to the stock vise, The integrated tool bar along the backside of the pedestal offers a great place to put your frequently used items. As with most vises on the market today, there are your standard vise accessories available. A bobbin/post clip comes with your vise and its easy to change between the applications using the set screws and a quick adjustment to your liking.



The vise retails at £359.99 and qualifies for free shipping. For a vise of this quality and given that rather than just one vise, it is 3 means that if you are tying a wide variety of patterns for multi species then this is the vise for you which will not only save owning multiple vises but save space, letting you fill that space with more materials rather than more tools.




Vise Accessory

FLY TYING BASE WHEEL If you really want to upgrade this vise and keep everything to hand at all times this is the tool for you , combine the two and you have a fly tiers dream.


We will be giving this a proper review in an up and coming Blog, so stay tuned if you are on the fence on just how good this piece is. 



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 Stonfo tools are certainly very popular here at The Fly Tying Den, we have a wide range in stock for next day delivery and can easily ship worldwide. The range of tools they offer and the accessories listed here could easily give you a dream setup  whether new to tying or upgrading/replacing your existing kit. They certainly produce a high quality product and would easily hold up to years of constant use.