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The Airflo V3 Fly Reel is our finest offering yet with super smooth, sealed and saltwater resistant drag. The drag functions impeccably with low start-up inertia for lighter tippets and fishing applications. On the larger reels crank down on the textured drag knob for all the stopping power you will ever need. For 2021 we have increased the porting to further reduce weight creating the lightest V-lite yet.

The 3rd generation V-Lite reel comes from a quality bloodline and needs no introduction. The previous V2 reels sold in huge numbers and were tried and tested all over the world, from UK Stillwater and river fishing to the harshest cold and tropical saltwater environments.

Its stunning looks are finished in a deep, charcoal smoke, with satin olive accents which complete what is, without doubt, a visually striking collaboration. If you are one of many who own a V2 reel you will be pleased to know that the spools are interchangeable so buying the new V3 will compliment your existing collection. Please note: there are no lines or backing supplied with these reels.

• V cut spool for increased backing capacity
• Modern large arbor design
• Fully sealed saltwater resistant drag system
• Ambidextrous design
• Super light ported frame
• High tolerance CNC machining

Airflo V3 3/4 5.60oz WF4 + 50YDS 8cm x 3.6cm 3.2cm wide
Airflo V3 5/6 6.10oz WF6 + 150YDS 8.6cm x 3.6cm 3.5cm wide
Airflo V3 7/8 6.40oz WF8 + 150YDS 9.6cm x 3.9cm 3.5cm wide
Airflo V3 9/10 (FC) 7.20oz WF9 + 150YDS 10.6cm x 4.5cm 4.1cm wide
Airflo V3 10/11 (FC) 7.60oz WF10 + 200YDS 11.5cm x 4.6cm 4.3cm wide