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GULFF shirts are made for fly fishing addicts. When wearing high quality Gulff clothes, you communicate to others about fly fishing, and about your own passion and personal connection to the pastime. But you communicate something else also?

This matters. When wearing the GULFF shirt – 2700 litres of water saved by one shirt. Zero harmful chemicals used. 90% renewable energy in production. 100% recycled raw material.

GULFF is a Purewaste product producer. We are aware that everything we do has an impact on something else. We know that sustainability and quality go together, and believe that fashion and ecological thinking should go together too. That is why we strive to act as ecologically and ethically as possible. We use ecologically sustainable 100% recycled yarns, fabrics and ready-made garments. Our products are made entirely of recycled textile waste and offer you the same quality and comfort as products made of virgin materials.