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Most often you will find the caddis larvae on the bottom and they will only accidently drift down stream in moving water or in search of new feeding grounds. Those living in still water, will only move across the bottom. It is necessary to fish your imitations of the larvae as close to the bottom as possible. Many anglers would say that an imitation of a caddis larvae are among the best, if not the best, trout fly around.

Caddisflies are among the most common insects that trout and many other fish species feed on. In many areas around the world, they are even the most important food source. All stages of the life cycle is important to both fish and fly fisher.

The caddis larvae can grow large in size and many fly fisher would say that there no. 1 fly pattern would be an imitation of a caddis larvae.

Fish your imitation close to the bottom as caddis larvae's rarely leave the security of rocks, roots and vegetation on the bottom of creeks, streams, rivers or lakes.

We recommend you to use a J:son Swivel for all your flies and fly fishing. But it's important to always use a J:son Swivel when fishing J:son flies in size 1 and 2.

Please note the number at the end of the fly name is related to the size of fly and not the amount you will receive.
So for example Mayfly Nymph 3 is only one fly and not x3.