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Many terrestrials are often found close to the water. Among these you will find craneflies, ants, bumblebees, wasps and bees. All of these will occasionally end up on the surface of the water and become the target for many fish species, such as grayling, char, rainbow trout and brown trout. Most terrestrials that ends up on the water do so by mistake. A strong wind, a heavy rain or cold temperatures will limit there abilities to move or fly.

Size: 16 mm / approx 5/8 in Hook: SS.DF #10

A plaque to many, a great bite for the fish. As with many terrestrials wasps (and bees, bumblebees) get a little "dizzy" during autumn when the first really cold mornings appear. It's not uncommon for them to end up on the surface and catch the interest of a hungry trout. 

A great pattern when your fishing for rainbow trout in still water late on the season.