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As mayfly nymphs spend most of their time close to the bottom and only moves longer distances by swimming or drifting downstream when they seek food, accidently loose their grip or when they are about to hatch, it is a vice choice to fish an imitation close to the bottom when you can’t see any mayflies hatch. The nymphs are active all year a round and are of interest for the angler from spring to autumn. This fly is weighted with tungsten.

Size: 12 mm / approx 5/8 in 4 Hook: J:son NP #14

A good size to always keep in your fly box, and a great colour to use in the water. This imitation of a mayfly nymph works well if you're fishing waters were Sulphur Dun, Yellow May Dun, Brown May Dun and many other species of mayflies hatch.

Please note the number at the end of the fly name is related to the size of fly and not the amount you will receive.
So for example Mayfly Nymph 3 is only one fly and not x3.