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Genuine very buggy polyyarn ready for simply wrapping around a hook to dub a dry fly. Dry Fly Polyyarn has a specific gravity of 0.91 g/cm³ so floats naturally. Natural polyyarn floats on the waters surface without the neccesity for floatant making is ideal for dry flies. We have developed this to look highly "buggy" looking yarn which can simply be tied in and wrapped around the hook for dry fly bodies. With the loose fibrous nature of Dry Fly Polyyarn air will be trapped will help floatability and look of your flies. With blended colouring it matches the irregular coloring on natural flies. This floats like a cork.

Hans van Klinken says that Dry Fly Polyyarn is perfect for Klink bodies but also for Wulff's and Humpies and similar floating flies. It will be awesome for the kids and novice tiers with a dubbing brush you can adjust the body by making it more rough as many fishermen prefer

Semperfli 10 Spool Storage CaseSemperfli 10 Spool Storage Case

Dry Fly Polyyarn  BlackDry Fly Polyyarn Black

Dry Fly Polyyarn  Caddis AmberDry Fly Polyyarn Caddis Amber

Dry Fly Polyyarn  Caddis BrownDry Fly Polyyarn Caddis Brown

Dry Fly Polyyarn  CreamDry Fly Polyyarn Cream

Dry Fly Polyyarn  Firey BrownDry Fly Polyyarn Firey Brown

Dry Fly Polyyarn  Golden OliveDry Fly Polyyarn Golden Olive

Dry Fly Polyyarn  Iron BlueDry Fly Polyyarn Iron Blue

Dry Fly Polyyarn  Mottled AdamsDry Fly Polyyarn Mottled Adams

Dry Fly Polyyarn  Mottled PurpleDry Fly Polyyarn Mottled Purple

Dry Fly Polyyarn  Sunburst OrangeDry Fly Polyyarn Sunburst Orange