Semperfli Nano Silk 100 D 6/0

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Nano Silk is regarded as the tying thread of choice of professional fly tyers worldwide. With Nano Silk 100D being so super strong it has endless possibilities and can be used for micro flies to medium flies. Virtually unbreakable and still capable of being split down for dubbing twists there is no fly tying thread as strong as Nano Silk anywhere.

  • Specially formulated Gel Spun Polyethylene for extra strength
  • 100 Denier 100D
  • Thread Aught (or /0 sizing) 18/0
  • Breaking Strains 3,800gm / 8.4lb strongest in test
  • Recommended hook size guide #10-#2/0 and larger
  • Use as fly tying thread
  • 50m per spool

Because Nano Silk lays perfectly flat you get no thread build up. Indeed check out our video where we put 100 wraps of Nano 50D on a thread and you still have no head buildup!With Nano Silk you will have confidence that even the smallest of flies can be tied without your thread breaking! Strength 10 times stronger than high quality stainless steel of same diameter


If you rotate Nano Silk anti clockwise to untwist (it has 100 twists per meter to keep the thread together) it will lay perfectly flat, it can be used for foam or split for a dubbing loop with a fine needle.

White Nano Silk can be dyed with a simple permanent marker pen for any color you may desire. Alternatively, the last 4” 100mm can be colored with a marker pen for a head.

As with ALL GSP type threads Nano Silk must be used with a ceramic bobbin holder.

It is recommended that you use a craft blade or razor blade to cut Nano Silk. It is extremely tough, please don’t use your best scissors!