Veniard Coq De Leon

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The Coq de Leon are the oldest line of birds bred for their feathers. The feathers are stiff, beautiful and long with speckled markings and have a unique glossy sheen. Mainly used for trout fly tying, these feathers are prized by fly tyers all over the world.
The most common use for these particular feathers is as tailing fibres or complete tails for trout flies. They can additionally be used for Nymphs and can also be used for hackles and wings.
Common flies that use the Coq De Leon is the Grey & Red Spider, Kossie Dun and the Ginger Snap fly.

Genuine coq de leon from spain. In a range of colours to cover all fly tying requirements.
Blue Dun - Indio Acerado
Speckled Cream - Pardo Aconchardo
Speckled Grey - Pardo Corzuno
Speckled Light Ginger - Pardo Encendido
Speckled Medium Ginger - Pardo Flor Escoba