Vision Rivermaniac Fly Rod

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The NEW Vision Rivermaniac 👊 These amazing  9'0" fly rods are available in #3 to #6, with the addition of a new 9'6''#7 to the family and have been designed specifically with dry fly fishing in mind.⁠ From small, intimate streams to the largest and most demanding of rivers there's a rod to suit your particular situation. Delivering high-end performance at a remarkably handsome price, the Rivermaniac offers the perfect combination of backbone and sensitivity, allowing for a smooth loading of the rod with plenty of feedback throughout the casting stroke. With a classic design as well as feel, they are also devastatingly good looking; the perfect companion for stalking those specimen trout on the rivers. We have given you a choice between two actions to suit your preferred style and required presentation.⁠

Rivermaniac Medium: Specifically designed to deliver your dry fly with the utmost delicacy, offering the ultimate presentation. Perfect for intimate rivers, close quarters fishing, roll casts, and a softer presentation style.

Rivermaniac Fast: A series of fast-actioned rods designed to deliver your fly with pinpoint accuracy in even the toughest of conditions! These fast-actioned blanks are for anglers that like some backbone to their outfit. A rod that allows you to get the fly where it needs to be no matter the weather conditions.⁠

  • Choice of two actions to suit your preferred style
  • Exceptional quality and performance for the price
  • Ideal for dry fly fishing on a variety of rivers
  • Beautiful design and classic feel
  • Half wells in #5 weight and lighter
  • Small half wells with a fighting butt in 9’ #6 and 9'6'' #7