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The Wolff Indiana, LLC Atlas® Vice is a full rotary fly tying vice equipped with replaceable jaws, pedestal base, and material clip. The Atlas® vice is crafted from 440-C and 303 stainless steel with 0-1 tool steel jaws. The jaws fitted on your new vice are designed to accommodate hook sizes from 7/0 to 32. An extended finger pin with ball end for easy wrapping can be located in any of four pre-drilled positions. Combining the stainless steel construction, knurled friction knob and cam action lock with delrin sleeve bearings and teflon bushings produces a smooth, solid, and precise feel.
It's no surprise the Atlas is one of the UK's most popular vices. ⁠

C-clamp can be purchased separately
Made in the U.S.A



  • Full rotary function
  • Smooth rotation on precision bearings
  • Hooks 32 – 7/0
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Supplied with pedestal base
  • Limited lifetime warranty