Get Real

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Get Real


Time for a little conversation about Ultra realistic fly tying. 


Using Jsons incredible materials from legs to bodies, to wings to tails its all there and gives you literally infinite combinations to match that fly pattern you keep seeing and more importantly keeps getting eaten by the trout your trying to catch, yet you can never quite match in your fly box, this is where Json steps in.

Not sure where to go or whats needed to tie the whole fly?.


Fly tying packs are for you, that way everything want to give it a go is included. 

Alternatively you can adapt and more than likely improve an existing pattern with a set of realistic legs or wings.

Improving the performance of any flies, as this really will improve the silouette of the fly.


What I have found as a professional guide is that these flies, when tied well not only hook up more fish but are more robust than your standard quality fly due to the materials used by Json it is a thoroughly well thought out and effective tying machine that simply works, and in my opinion allows you to have just as much fun tying as you do fishing which is all i can ask for.



Json not only supply the materials but importantly the hooks to match also , the hooks are also available here at


Don’t forget that once you have your flies to remember to buy the Json swivels which will keep your presentation up as the number one issue with realistic patterns is how they actually cast, with some practice and using the swivels that eliminates the issue.


Want to know how ?


We have a whole series of videos, with more being added all the time, showing just how easy it is to tie these incredible patterns.




With the weather turning colder and for those of you not battling Salmon, Grayling and Steelhead over the winter, and looking for a project why not give it a go , Flytyingden has everything you need to get involved and see just what all you can create ready for those spring hatches, or for the dedicated tie up a new nymph pattern and get out there onto the river searching for fish.

When flies look this good on the surface what more could you ask for ?.